AVETEC Company has developed a large pool of specialist partners comprising of experienced Architects, Civil Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Topographic Surveyors, Foremen and skilled Technical Staff, whose experience coupled with constant information and expertise meets the design requirements and the particularities of every form of construction, in order to guarantee the full planning, management, and scheduling of works.

Over recent years, AVETEC has been involved in planning and building construction facilities, such as:

Industrial - Industrial building - Warehouse

Business Premises - Office Buildings - Shops

Residences – Detached houses - Apartment blocks – Terraced houses

Commercial parks

Hospital Units

Tourist facilities - Hotels


Sports facilities

Parking spaces

Multi-storey structures

Infrastructure works

Great emphasis has been placed on the planning of both the construction of conventional, composite or metal buildings and the renovation of housing and business premises (offices, shops, etc.).

In cases of existing buildings, an estimation of the existing state of the building is given, accompanied by proposed solutions and complete detailed costing of each stage of works.

In the planning/designing phase, the Consultant team of Engineers fully meet the individual requirements of the projects, starting from the preliminary design with a variety of options, in order to achieve the required outcome that satisfies the customer, all the way to full planning, by drawing up a file that meets the drafting standards of planning studies submitted for issuing building permits and all necessary approvals, such as Environmental studies, Settlement Permit, Archaeological Permit, Forestry Permit, Deeds for garage facilities, etc.

Meanwhile, before construction, each topic of the study goes under review, all construction and cutting (for metal and composites) detail drawings get prepared, and a "Time Schedule" is drafted, to coordinate partners and working teams for each construction phase. During the construction phase, each stage of work is constantly monitored by the team of Mechanic Supervisors and the developer of the work.

We are committed to the best possible result.